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How I Work, Table of My PricesLogo Design

Check out examples of my design work here  If you’re interested in commissioning a logo please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Delivery of portraits is by Registered Post in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Collection in person also possible if location permits.
  • Delivery to other destinations worldwide is possible. Please get in touch for costs.
  • Copyright: I retain full reproduction /copy rights to my work. None may be reproduced, printed, copied or published without my written permission.

Photo References, some important points to note:

  1. Reference Photos and Multiple Subjects:  If you want multiple subjects in one portrait please note that I can combine images from separate photos (as long as they are suitable) into one portrait.
  2. Backgrounds:  I like  simple backgrounds in my portraits so the focus is on the subject.  So please don’t worry about the background/furniture/patterns etc. in your photos.
  3. Photos I work from photos you supply. Preferably emailable and HiRes.
  4. Please Note: It’s worth taking or finding a few good quality photos. It’s just not possible to produce an accurate, attractive portrait from references that are tiny, blurred or faded with time. The better the photo references the more successful the portrait is likely to be.